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Sunshine Pre-School And Day Nursery

At Sunshine Nursery we believe in building foundations for life through playful learning. We ensure your child embarks on these adventures in a loving, safe and stimulating setting learning about their world in a warm and welcoming way.

We believe in the uniqueness of each child, in embracing their individuality and encouraging personal expression. Our dedicated team is passionate about seeing your child flourish and to help them reach their full learning potential through innovative, creative and focussed play.

Skilled caring and committed staff, exceptional resources and a homely environment – Sunshine Nursery is the perfect place for your child to develop during their early childhood and is the ideal stepping stone from which they can move confidently on to school.

This setting has signed up to offer Tax Free Childcare.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Simone Bull
Contact Position
Nursery Manager
023 8063 8270
Sunshine Pre-School And Day Nursery website
Company number

Where to go

Sunshine Nursery
36 Thornbury Avenue
SO15 5BR
Children's Centre Areas

As an independent nursery established in 1991, owned by qualified teacher Ann Chennells and a team of Early Years Practitioners, Sunshine Nursery is ideally placed to offer the very best in childcare and education.

The manager has a foundation degree in early years and all other staff are qualified to level 3 and above.

Set in a large detached house close to the city centre and with a spacious play-friendly garden, we have carefully created a family atmosphere to establish a ‘home away from home’ feeling for your child.

Other Details


Languages spoken


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£56 (under 3's) £51.50 (over 3's) Per Day
Am - £34.50 (under 3's) £33 (over 3's) Per Session
Pm - £33 (under 3's) £31 (over 3's) Per Session
Additional hours - £6.00 Per Hour
Lunches for funded children are £2.85 and tea for funded children in £1.80 Nursery Education Funding is available for either term time only or as a stretched offer throughout the year.


Age Ranges
From 0 years 4 months to 5 years 0 months
Any Other Notes

We take the time to get to know your child – their likes and dislikes individual characteristics and strengths – and build on this knowledge as they commence their learning journey with us.

Through nurturing, encouraging and building self esteem, we will ensure your child’s social, emotional and developmental needs are met.

Inclusion Information

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Coeliac Disease
Challenging Behaviour
Learning difficulties
Language impairment
Behaviour management
Speech and Language delay
Autistic spectrum disorder
Special Educational Needs
Global delay
Social development impairment
Severe dietary needs
Epi pen trained
Serious allergy
Emotional needs
Physical impairment
Deafness Or Hard Of Hearing
We are a highly experienced and inclusive setting where everyone is welcome.

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies
Pre-school: At present we have no preschool vacancies however we are taking bookings for August onwards. 2 year olds: At present we have no 2 year old vacancies however we are taking bookings for August onwards. Babies: At present we have no baby vacancies however we are taking bookings for August onwards. If you would like more information or to book in then please do contact us.
Date updated

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Intending to provide 30 hours entitlement
Registered to provide 30 hours entitlement

Opening Times

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:00 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 18:00
Thursday 08:00 18:00
Friday 08:00 18:00

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer

Contact Name
Simone Bull (Nursery Manager) or Jo White (Nursery SENCo)
Contact Telephone
02380 638 270
Contact Email

Other Education Extended Local Offer details from Sunshine Pre-School And Day Nursery

How does your education setting know if children/young people need extra help and what do I do if I think my child has special educational needs?

Staff at sunshine nursery are all trained to level 3 and above and have a sound knowledge of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).
All children have a designated key person and a co-key person whom are usually the parent’s first point of contact. Key persons track the progress of their key children and plan individual steps for each child to help them further their learning and development. If staff have any concerns about a child they will raise this at their supervisions with the manager and with the settings SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

How will the education setting staff support my child / young person?

Our settings SENCo is trained to work with and provide support for children and their families whom have/ may have additional needs. The SENCo is also on hand to provide support to staff within the setting.
Alongside the settings SENCo we have a designated Area SENCo, whom we can call for support. Referral forms are available to parents if they wish to ask for additional support from the local authority. This support will be assessed and discussed with the setting and parents alike.
All educational plans within the setting are overseen by the manager and nominated person who hold regular supervisions with staff to ensure children’s targets and next steps are appropriate for each individual child.
Once a child has been referred to the Area SENCo regular visits will be made and targets set from the team alongside those made within our setting. These are reviewed regularly.
Some children may be eligible for extra funding; this can be used, for example, to employ a practitioner to provide 1-1 support for those children who may require it (eligibility for additional funding would depend on each individual child’s needs and is not available to everyone).

How will the curriculum at your education setting be matched to my child / young person's needs?

At Sunshine we track children’s progress, using “Tapestry” an online learning journal which uses the EYFS to see which age band the children are performing in. Key persons use this to make individual plans for all children including next steps. These plans are used daily to deliver a unique learning experience for all children attending the setting. They are reviewed half termly (approximately every 6 weeks) and are altered accordingly depending on the child’s progress. All planning is overseen by the management team.
Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) are produced by the settings SENCo and area SENCo along with the child’s key person. These may be reviewed at different times (for example more frequently than half termly) depending on the child’s progress with the targets.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child / young person's learning?

In addition to Tapestry, individual termly plans (completed every 6 weeks) and IEP’s (which are completed at least every 3 months), we also provide parents with formal parent consultations (which are carried out termly) and informal chats at the beginning/ end of each day. We use these opportunities to discuss the child’s progress with their parents and provide opportunities for parents to ask questions or input into their child’s plans. The setting knows how well the children are doing, as the managers regularly review Tapestry observations and summative assessments. The summative assessments are collaborated frequently so that any gaps/areas of concern can be identified. 
Individual plans and IEP’s set out clear goals for children so that parents/carers can see the progress that their child should be making. Each Tapestry observation also includes a clear next step for the child so that the parents can see the next step in learning for their child.
Tapestry gives parents the option to input their own observations of their children and of things that they’ve done at home. They can attach pictures and are encouraged to do this as frequently as they would like. Some children can also have a daily diary if requested by the parents/ carers, which will detail their food intake, sleep and key activities that they participated in. Daily feedback at the end of each session also enables us to make sure the parents know what their children have been learning.
Key persons use the parent consultations as valuable time to explain to parents/ carers how the children’s learning is planned.  Daily key person activities and continuous provision plans are available to see on our parent’s board. We offer parents the opportunity to input into the children’s plans at parent consultations and IEP reviews.

What support will there be for my child / young person's overall wellbeing?

At Sunshine, we provide medical support to administer oral medicines and inhalers to children who require them; this is carried out by a First Aider and a witness. We provide social support through means of stories, role play resources and puppets. Key people provide emotional and pastoral support to children by ensuring they form a strong bond with their key children and their families. 
We manage the administration of medicines by ensuring a First Aider administers the medicine and that all medicine given is witnessed by another member of staff, who can also support the First Aider if necessary.  All medicines must be prescribed by a doctor and have the pharmacy label attached.  This is also explained in our Health and Safety policy.  Personal care is provided mainly by the child’s key person; however, this may sometimes not be possible, in which case it will be provided by the child’s co-key carer. Members of staff practise discretion and ensure the child’s dignity throughout the process. We have a Physical Contact Policy that staff members adhere to at all times.
We can offer flexibility regarding increasing children’s attendance patterns to help parents with children’s behaviour, we also encourage the parents to bring their children to each session that they are registered for. Key persons are supported by managers to support the parents when children are displaying challenging behaviour. We have a behaviour management policy that is read and understood by all members of staff who support the children. 

Key people encourage the children to express their views by voting for things that they want, asking children questions about what they want to learn and encouraging children to make choices.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by your education setting?

At Sunshine we can signpost parents and refer children to specialist services. These include Area SENCos (Early Years Advisory Teachers), Speech and Language Therapists, physiotherapists, Portage, paediatricians, and health visitors. 

The nursery SENCo also carries out ‘Language Group’ with a targeted group of children (who may have English as an additional language, additional needs, speech and language delay etc.) which helps to promote children’s early language skills, attention, and turn taking.

What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEN and Disabilities had or are having?

The nursery SENCo has completed the following training: Starting out as a SENCo, Developing the role of the SENCo, Communication-Friendly Spaces, Deaf Awareness, Working with Children with Autism in the Early Years and has attended many INCO networks, featuring topics such as attachment, writing IEP’s and development movement play.  She attends the INCO networks three times a year.

How will my child / young person be included in activities including trips run by your setting?

The children have free-flow access to the outside area, and each child is encouraged to spend at least one hour outside per session. We take the children to Southampton common and to the local parks as often as we can.

Trips are planned well in advance, and we make sure there are plenty of staff members and adult helpers to attend and supervise the children on these. Parents are welcome to come along and help if they wish and no child is taken on a trip without prior consent from a parent/ carer.

The children will be briefed on the importance of safety and who their designated adult is in advance of each outing – this is  in line with our Safeguarding Policy and the section about outings and trips.

How accessible is your education setting? ( indoors and outdoors)

Sunshine has a ramp to access the building with double doors, we have a downstairs disabled toilet and rooms are set out to provide enough space to ensure everyone can access each area.

How will the education setting prepare and support my child / young person to join the education setting, transfer to a new setting and or the next education stage and life?

Before your child joins sunshine, we offer settling in sessions. We recommend 2 sessions however if your child needs more then, this is perfectly fine and can be arranged.
The first settling session will involve you staying with your child and meeting with the staff member who will be your child’s key person, you will complete enrolment forms and a “my unique child book” which staff will use to plan experiences for your child. You can chat to staff about your child’s routines, likes, dislikes, anything that you are worried about etc. It is a chance for you and your child to get to know the setting and the staff. After completing the forms you can either stay with your child or leave them for around 1 hour, the second session will be set at your discretion and again you are welcome to stay or you can drop your child off to play alone again for around one hour (this can be increased if you feel it will benefit your child)
Within our setting we have a transition policy regarding the transitions the children make throughout the setting for example from the baby unit in to the downstairs toddler room, and then again in to the preschool and finally their transitions to preschool. Parents are kept updated and are involved in all decisions. We have an open-door policy and parents can come in and speak to the staff or management team whenever they wish.

How are the education setting resources allocated and matched to children and young people's Special Educational Needs and disabilities?

At Sunshine we treat each child as an individual and their planning and experiences reflect this.
Every child has an individual plan which is made by their key person, this plan is made using observations of the children whilst they are playing and is based on their preferences and their stages of development; such as whether they enjoy being inside or outside, whether they are better in a small or large group, whether they need additional support with their speech and language or their personal social and emotional development and so on.

Our nursery SENCo delivers a language group each day and children whom need this within the setting typically participate in this around 2/3 times per week. Parents will be informed of this and it will be discussed prior to the children participating. Language group can be used for a number of reasons from speech and language delay, to children with English as an additional language and with children who need more confidence within a small group.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child /young person will receive?

The process is different for each child and will depend on whether your child is already receiving additional support elsewhere or whether it is something you would like to raise with us. Alternatively, it could be that we have noticed areas where your child may need additional support and in this instance we would always consult with you and ask for you to give your consent for us to speak to the Area SENCo about this before doing anything. Parents are involved throughout the process and will always be aware of any meetings etc. that may be organised and invited to attend.

Assessments will be made both within the setting and with outside agencies (such as paediatricians, speech and language therapists, the area SENCo and so on). Then plans will be made and put in place as to how much support your child will receive. Some children are entitled to additional funding for 1-1 support this would depend on your child’s specific needs.

How are parents / young people currently involved in your education setting? How can I be involved?

At sunshine we know that parents are the first educators of their young children. The aim of our nursery and preschool is to support their essential work, not to replace them. By ‘parent’ we also intend this to mean the child’s main carer or guardian when applicable.

We will:

• Make parents welcome at all times.

• Make all new parents aware of the groups systems and policies.

• Encourage parents on an individual basis to play an active part in the nursery.

• Ensure that parents are informed on a regular basis about their child’s progress.

• Ensure all parents have opportunities to contribute from their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group.

• Involve parents in shared record keeping about their child, either formally or informally.

• Ensure parents have open access to their children’s records and all policies of the nursery.

• Make known to all parents the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions.

• Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the curriculum and about young children’s learning, in the nursery and at home.

• Each child will be assigned a Key Person before the child arrives at nursery

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