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Miscarriage Support

If you or your partner have had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy and would like to talk to someone, we can put you in touch with a volunteer in or near your area. We can give you details of your nearest support group, where you can meet others who have experienced pregnancy loss.

While individual reactions to pregnancy loss vary, most women find the experience deeply distressing. For too many women and their partners, their distress is made worse by a lack of understanding amongst those around them.

Who to contact

01924 200 799
Miscarriage Association
Social Media

The Miscarriage Association produces leaflets, fact sheets and audiotapes which answer the most commonly asked questions about pregnancy loss, and which can also help you to help someone you know who has been through this experience.

Those experiencing pregnancy loss often feel isolated and ignored, and understanding and sensitivity from friends and family can help enormously. It is much easier for people to give this when they have some knowledge about pregnancy loss and the impact it can have. The Miscarriage Association works with the media to raise awareness of these issues.

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