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Antenatal Classes - Birthing with Confidence

In person and online, I'm here to help you feel better about birth, as well as skilled to cope with it. If you're anxious, worried, or even if you're feeling fairly confident but want to keep it that way, I can help. I offer private 1-1 antenatal classes, hypnobirthing courses and breathing & relaxation workshops completely tailored to your needs. I have lots of experience working with people who had a difficult previous birth or who are feeling particularly anxious about birth. We can explore everything from late pregnancy through labour and birth and into the early days of caring for your new-born baby. Most importantly, you can learn ways to help yourself to feel calmer, more confident and more in control, wherever and however you're planning for your baby to be born.

You can choose from a single 2, 3, or 4 hour session or we can meet more than once - your choice.

If you'd like to know more about me and what qualifies me to offer my classes and services, I devised and delivered antenatal classes for NCT for over 20 years, having followed a comprehensive 3-year training course specifically in antenatal education. I have a Level 5 university diploma in Antenatal Education, I'm a qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner and I'm a qualified and accredited Counsellor. I have written an e-booklet about understanding and managing anxiety (available on Amazon) and I run breathing & relaxation workshops for birth/baby preparation and as a life skill. I am trained in both Rewind Technique and EFT to help reduce the impact of trauma. I’m also quite approachable and friendly, so please feel free to get in touch!

My working hours for antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, breathing/relaxation etc are Mondays and Tuesdays daytimes and evenings and Saturday daytimes. I can work with you at my home, your home or online. If you would like to consider regular counselling I offer this Wednesday to Friday, from 10.30am including evenings.

Prices are all on my websites and start from just £10. Examples: Audio hypnobirthing downloads are £10, 2-hour Breathing & Relaxation workshop or 2-hour tailored antenatal class is £69 for pregnant woman and birth partner. Whole-day private hypnobirthing course is £250. Counselling is £40 per session. Please enquire if you're not sure what would suit you. I don't do 'hard sells' and am always happy to have a chat without strings attached.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Zana Parker

Where to go

Your home. Online. My home.
Children's Centre Areas

I work all across Southampton area as I can come to you. We can also work effectively online if you/we prefer.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Saturday daytime, Monday and Tuesday daytimes and/or evenings.
Session Information
TBD at time of booking

Other Details


Prices start from £10 for my own exclusive hypnobirthing audio downloads. I also offer a free download to reduce fear/worry (non-pregnancy related). 2 hrs private, completely tailored antenatal class with info pack, or 2 hrs breathing/relaxation workshop, is £69 for pregnant woman and birth partner. 3 hrs costs £89. 4 hrs costs £118. Whole day hypnobirthing course completely tailored to you and your birth partner's needs, incl info pack, is £250, or £225 online. 1-1 counselling is £40 per weekly session

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