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Home education (HE) is an alternative to school; any family can choose this option for their children - parents choose to keep primary responsibility for the education of their children as is their right in law, instead of delegating it to a school.

Most people choose to send their children to a school to be educated, but contrary to popular belief it is both legal and reasonable to educate your child at home. If you think that you may not be sufficiently resourceful to home-educate, bear in mind that thousands of families in the UK, and millions in the English-speaking world, are now practising home-education.

The majority of home educators are not qualified teachers. Once started on the path of home education they soon discover those aspects that vary with their initial expectations or fears. Once you start "home" educating, you will find that you can work on just what you want, when you want, that it isn't expensive, that the children don't get lonely, that it is possible for exams to be taken if you wish, and that it is possible to educate children with special needs.

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