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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this directory, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors that have occurred. It is recommended that you always check with providers that their service or organisation meets your requirements. We offer an impartial service and we cannot recommend or endorse any providers listed.

Further information

Rose Road Association - Oaks and Acorns

Oaks and Acorns provides overnight short breaks for Children and Young people with moderate/severe learning disabilities, complex health needs, autism and challenging behaviour.

Who to contact

023 8072 1234
Social Media

Office open hours 8:30am-4:30pm.

Where to go

Rose Road Association
Bradbury Centre
300 Aldermoor Road
SO16 5NA
Children's Centre Areas
Coxford Shirley Warren Lordshill

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Secondary (11-16 years)
Primary (4-10 years)
Early Years (0-4 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
Needs Level
SEN Provision Type

Service Provider Extended Local Offer Response

What does your service do?

Oaks and Acorns provides overnight short breaks for Children and Young people with moderate/severe learning disabilities, complex health needs, autism and challenging behaviour.

We provide a positive experience for service users through having a good understanding of their needs, likes and dislikes whilst ensuring their religious and cultural needs are met. They have opportunities to try new experiences, which broadens their choices and develops additional skills.

We ensure that each person using the service is safe and booked in with a similar group, using the 2 separate groups of Oaks and Acorns to achieve this.

Service users have the opportunity to participate in in-house activities including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music and karaoke
  • Cooking
  • Games, puzzles and reading
  • TV and DVDs
  • Wii
  • Soft play
  • Sensory experiences
  • Garden play
  • Swimming


We encourage service users to develop their independence skills by supporting them with making drinks, assisting with meal preparation, tidying up, packing and unpacking bags, and with personal care. 

We also provide opportunities to access community activities including:

  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Theme parks
  • Shopping trips
  • Boat trips
  • Restaurants

Service users are always offered opportunities to participate in activities and choices are given using their preferred method of communication.

We offer this service as long as we are able to meet the needs of the young person and the service is appropriate for them. There are additional short breaks opportunities within Rose Road which include outreach support, play schemes, after school group and a fostering short break service.

Where is it located and what areas does it cover?

We are located within the Southampton City boundary (Aldermoor - SO16 5NA) close to the M27 and M3.  We accept children and young people from anywhere in Hampshire an adjacent areas such as Dorset or Wiltshire.  Travel to and from the Bradbury Centre for the short break is a factor for those further afield.

Who does your service provide for?

We provide a service for children and young people with moderate/severe learning disabilities, physical disabilities, complex health needs, autism and behavioural difficulties.

We are registered with Ofsted to provide services for children and young people up to 18 years old. We are registered with CQC to provide services for adults from 18 years old.

We are able to support personal and health care needs and we meet with the young person and their family to ensure we meet their needs in an individualised way.

We are also able to support children and young people with challenging behaviours and would work closely with families and other professionals to ensure we follow any plans that are in place.

How can I start using the service?

You can contact us directly to find out more about the service we provide and we welcome visitors.

The service costs £250 per night.  If your son/daughter requires additional support (1:1 or a waking night support) this will increase the cost.  Please contact us for further details.

The cost will be paid by the local authority if a social worker assesses that the service meets your needs. Then the social worker makes a referral to us for you.

If overnights are agreed we will arrange to meet with you and your son/daughter to complete care plans and risk assessments. We then discuss the best way to introduce your son/daughter to us. We usually start with tea visits and gradually increase the time spent with us. This is a flexible process and is adapted to meet individual needs.

Parents are able to purchase stays directly from Rose Road using personal budgets. We do have capacity for new referrals and do not currently have a waiting list. Because we run at over 80% occupancy we get booked up very quickly for holiday dates.

We book dates three times a year for the following 4 months, with a deadline for families to return your booking form. All bookings are considered together, trying to accommodate your preferred dates. We book young people who are friends together wherever possible.

How are decisions made about who can use your service?

A social worker from Children’s services or for someone over 18 an Adult Social Care Manager is usually the person who decides if you can use our service. If they assess that you and your child need overnight short breaks, they make a referral to us. Your social worker will be able to explain more about this process to you.

If you are paying directly we do an assessment ourselves to ensure we are able to meet your needs. This will include visiting you and your son/daughter and contacting other professionals for information with your permission, fully involving you and your child in this process to ensure we are all sure about the service being provided.

How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

Each child/young person is identified a keyworker who is a senior member of the Oaks and Acorns team. The keyworker will liaise with the family and young person during the referral and introduction process. When your child begins to stay overnight the keyworker will be your link with Rose Road. Following each stay we will send home a contact sheet which tells you how they have been during their stay and what they have done. We sometimes send photos of activities as well.

We follow any individual communication plans to ensure we are able to communicate with your child in the best way. Staff regularly use alternative communication methods like Picture Exchange Communication system (PECs), Makaton, and schedules. These are all communication methods used by people with learning disabilities.

Where English is not the first language we will use interpreters if needed. Sometimes Social Services have paid for an interpreter to accompany a young person.

We believe in regular communication with families, and welcome discussing your child or their last stay with you at any time.  We expect you to tell us if there are any changes e.g. in medication, and we contact you if your child is injured or involved in an accident or incident, no matter how minor.

We regularly use your feedback to evaluate our service and use this information to develop and improve the service.

Is your service fully accessible?

Oaks and Acorns is fully accessible for service users with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and complex health needs with disabled parking on site.

The accommodation is in 2 spacious single storey units providing separate accommodation for children and adults. Acorns for children has 6 bedrooms and is registered with Ofsted.  Oaks for adults has 5 bedrooms and is registered with CQC. Both units have choices of single or shared bedrooms. Bedrooms are individually decorated with matching bedding and curtains, and décor relevant to children or adults. Service users are encouraged to bring in personal belongings to personalise their room. 

All bedrooms have profile beds and overhead hoists giving full access to users with physical disabilities and complex health needs.   All equipment is suitable for users who are physically able. Rooms are clearly identified with a PECs symbol and word so users with communication difficulties can orientate themselves around the building.

All bathrooms, wet rooms and toilets have overhead hoists. We also have adjustable baths. 

The building is secure with coded doors on external doors, internal kitchen doors, laundry rooms, cleaning cupboards and store cupboards. These can be unlocked, if appropriate, to encourage service users’ independence.  

There are safe gardens with play and seating facilities.

The Bradbury Centre has a sensory and kitchen area to explore new skills called Space4You. There is a fully accessible hydrotherapy pool with changing rooms and full facilities. There is also a large hall and courtyard for activities requiring more space.

What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?

Our Rose Road Association training programme ensures all staff are trained to the same level.

The core training for care staff includes:

  • First Aid – updated every 3 years (if required)
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults – every year
  • Reporting & recording including responding to incidents and accidents & sudden illness
  • Positive Behaviour management
  • Disability awareness
  • Effective communication including Makaton, PECs and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Risk assessments
  • Epilepsy awareness and medication
  • Medication administration & infection and prevention control
  • Moving and handling – every year
  • Mental capacity act/ Deprivation of liberty safeguards
  • Person centred care and support
  • Physical intervention/redirection – team teach (if required)

If training is required on specific health issues this will be arranged from a specialist practitioner.

How will I know my child will be safe using this service?

The staff who are working with your child have had a DBS check and receive regular supervision from their line manager. All staff must attend safeguarding training on an annual basis and are fully aware of their responsibilities in ensuring the safety of all children.

We are inspected by Ofsted and CQC twice a year, with one of these being an unannounced inspection. We also have a Board of trustees who do an unannounced inspection monthly.

We complete detailed care plans which ensure we deliver the care to your child in a safe and appropriate way. Staff have to sign the care plan each time they are supporting a child to show they have read it, and the plan is regularly updated with you.

The environment is regularly checked to ensure it is safe for children/adults who are staying. If any work needs to be done we have a maintenance team on site who respond to the request.

The building is secure with coded doors on external doors, internal kitchen doors, laundry rooms, cleaning cupboards and store cupboards. These can be unlocked if appropriate for service users’ independence.  

If an accident occurs, a manager investigates this and contacts you immediately to ensure you are kept informed and we keep you involved. We act promptly on identified improvements following an accident to prevent further occurrence.

How do I give feedback, make comments or raise concerns?

You can contact the manager on 023 8072 1234 to raise any concerns that you may have.

Who can I contact for further information?

For families already using a Rose Road service your first point of contact would be your keyworker.

If they are unavailable you can speak to any member of staff. Oaks and Acorns has a registered manager and a deputy manager who you can speak to if you need to. Every shift has a Duty Manager – one of a team of 6 managers fully aware of your needs.

If you want to discuss whether to use our service  please contact your social worker or care manager, or if you do not have one contact Oaks and Acorns directly.

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