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Toddler Health Workshops

Suitable for parents with toddlers aged 1 year – 4 years

The toddler years or the 'terrible twos' as they are more popularly known, can be challenging. The smiley, happy baby you knew has become a demanding little toddler who can be a real handful. To help parents enjoy toddler-hood, it helps to know what to expect from a toddler – and understand how to deal with it.

Home Visits: Private Tuition maybe the ideal option for busy parents. The Consultation takes place in the comfort of the family’s home at a time and date to suit everyone. We also offer Private Tuition to Groups of friends.

We provide Consultations on the following Toddler Issues:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Potty Training Issues
  • Fussy/Faddy eaters
  • Problem Sleepers


If you would like to learn some useful techniques which can help towards living in a happy, tension-free home, then contact us now!

Costs for Home Visit (per topic):

1-to-1’s Consultation Service from £75

Group Workshops from £75

Weekend & Evening rates apply.

Mileage costs apply if you are classed as ‘out of area’.

SKYPE Consultations are available


Who to contact

Tel/Text: 07810 385585
Cherubs Baby Health and Wellbeing

Where to go

Children's Centre Areas

Free off-road parking, baby changing facilities, cafe 

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
From £75 for a home visit - Private tuition (Consultation) Per Session
Mileage costs apply if you are classed as 'out of area'.


Any Other Notes

Home Visit for Private Tuition (1-to-1 and Groups):


Potty Training Workshop

  • Signs of readiness
  • How to potty train and make it fun
  • Potty training problems
  • Bowel and night time training


Toddler Sleep Issues Workshop

  • Bedtime routines and day naps
  • Settling strategies
  • Night time waking strategies
  • Sleep patterns, nightmares and night terrors


Fussy Faddy Eaters Workshop

  • Is it behavioural or mechanical
  • Strategies for happy eaters
  • Getting toddlers involved with food
  • Healthy eating and drinking tips


Temper Tantrums Workshop

  • Normal toddler behaviour. What’s acceptable and what’s not
  • Long term strategies for challenging behaviour
  • Quality time and attention
  • House rules, praise and reward ideas.


Home Visits (1-to-1's and groups): Private Tuition is available to parents who would prefer to enjoy this Workshop in the comfort of their own home and at a time to suit all the family. Private Tuition is also available for groups of friends.

Gift Vouchers: An ideal Christening, Birthday or Christmas gift. Perfect for family and friends.

Cherubs Practitioners: Cherubs Infant Health Practitioners have a paediatric background and are well versed in current guidelines and practices. Therefore you can be assured that you and your little ones are in very safe and experienced hands.

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