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Apply for a school place

To apply for a school place, change an existing school place, find your catchment area or see the school admissions policies please see the Southampton City Council School Admissions information.

Autism in children

Autism can normally be diagnosed in children at around the age of two. In many cases, professional health workers may spot the signs of autism during normal childhood health checks, and this may lead to the child being formally diagnosed. If you think your child may have autism, ask your…

Autism misconceptions

Whether it's at school, work or in social settings, people with autism are often misunderstood. They often suffer discrimination, intolerance and isolation, resulting in many feeling excluded from everyday society. In an attempt to understand the reasons behind this, The National Autistic Society (NAS) commissioned research…

Autism: the facts

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability. On its own, autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem. But some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem. Autism is a spectrum condition. This means that while all people with…


For many people, partners, sex and relationships can be really hard to talk about. You can use the links below to get helpful information and facts about relationships, and how best to deal with them. Lesbian, gay or bisexual If you are lesbian, gay or bisexual, you…


Warning signs Running away, non-attendance at school, other learning and behavioural difficulties for no obvious reason. Your child has injuries with no feasible explanation for them.  You should investigate if a child: is frightened of walking to or from school doesn't want to go on the…

Care to Learn - Childcare funding for teenage parents

Care to Learn (C2L) provides financial support for teenage parents who want to continue in, or return to learning. It helps with the cost of their childcare and travel. What learning can a young parent do and what childcare will be funded? Care to Learn…

Caring for someone with autism

If you care for someone with autism, their wellbeing will be your main concern but don't ignore your own needs. Getting help and support and the occasional break will be good for you as well as the person under your care. Benefits and help for…

Co-production in the City

Southampton City Council work in conjunction with Rose Road Association and Southampton Parent Carer Forum to actively co-produce local services and the extensive work that goes on around Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Southampton. Southampton Parent Carer Forum SEND Local Offer/website Development  Autism Allies…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Advice and guidance for parents, carers, children and young people

We want to make sure that families in Southampton are kept well informed about Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Updated guidance - 1st April 2022 From Friday 1st April 2022, routine Covid testing will no longer be expected in all education and children’s social care settings.  Please see…
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