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CV Dos and Don'ts

« Back to CVs index Do Put the strongest statements at the top and work down the page. Add a personal statement using just one or two sentences to summarise your strengths. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Sentences should be between 15-20 words and paragraphs should…


CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, which literally means 'The course of one's life'. A CV (sometimes called a résumé) is a concise document that outlines the relevant facts about you and your experience to a prospective employer. Unlike filling in an application form, writing a…

The Cycle of Change

This model is commonly used in the field of substance misuse and is broadly applicable to change in a variety of settings. It is important to underline that the cycle of change serves as an indicator, not as a prescriptive stage by stage approach. No…

Depression and mental ill-health in children

"At first I thought she was just being a moody teenager, but as the time went on I realised something was wrong. She’s getting counselling now - it’s slow, but I’m hopeful she’ll get out of this." Warning signs Not sleeping, mood swings, eating disorders,…

Designated Safeguarding Lead for Education Settings (Level 3)

click here to sign up to receive training updates. This course will offer delegates the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding to perform this role. Southampton City Council training includes bespoke local safeguarding updates from professional experts in their subject areas to respond…

Designated Safeguarding Lead Update (Level 3)

click here to sign up to receive training updates. This training is delivered by Southampton City Council Children and Families Services and is approved by the Southampton Safeguarding Children Partnership. The course offers existing DSLs the opportunity to receive additional updates in the interim period…

Does your child really need to stay at home?

In Southampton, the School Attendance and Safeguarding Team works closely with the School Health Service and many other agencies to make sure that children and young people can benefit from all the educational opportunities available to them. To achieve this aim, they work in partnership…

Don't shake the baby

“I thought I couldn’t manage. She cried all the time, I was exhausted and nothing worked. I felt such a failure. I got so angry with her I felt like shaking her to stop her noise. I had no idea how much that could hurt…

Downloadable resources for when working with prisoners' families - Child's Journey

The child's journey resources were compiled by Eileen Thompson, Lead Behaviour Support Teacher, Oxfordshire County Council on behalf of Thames Valley Partnership, and are designed to be used when working with a child throughout the significant events.  Others have been sourced from organisations as shown…

Downloadable resources for when working with prisoners' families - information about the criminal justice system

Information for workers and parents to aid their understanding of the criminal justice system and of practical help that is available from specialist organisations.

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