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Starting an out of school club

There is a growing demand for childcare for school-aged children. This section gives you more information on what is involved and how to go about it. Out of School Care is care for children from 3 years of age. It can operate in one or…

Starting the recruitment process

Available here are templates you can use when planning to recruit new staff or volunteers, that advise you on things you need to prepare and ask you think about timescales for the employment process.

Starting your own business

If you want to work for yourself, it is never too early to find out more about starting your own business. What can you do? Spend some time and research all the information you need about: Employing people Financing and grants Health and safety IT…

Storms Sexuality Axis

Michael Storms, a psychologist at the University of Kansas, had been studying sexuality and erotic fantasies, and his research seemed to point to some of these conceptual problems with the Kinsey Scale. He found that bisexuals engaged in as much heterosexual fantasising as heterosexuals and…

Stress and anxiety

"When my son fell out with his friends at school recently he got really upset and anxious. At first, I wondered what all the fuss was about but then I realised how important friends can be at his age." Action Make sure your child gets…

Student Social Work Placements

Work based placements are provided in adult and children's services for students undertaking the social work degree, or a Masters in Social Work or Step to social work programme. Placements vary in length from seventy to one hundred days. First and Final Placements are offered…

Substance and Alcohol Misuse

The content of the training will include standard drug and alcohol awareness which incorporates; Classification and types of drugs. Effects of different drugs. Reasons people take substances. Signs to look for that indicate a person may be taking substances. Skills of engagement with the person…

Support for Children with SEND

The Early Years Advisory Teachers (EYATs)/Area SENDCo's are able to offer support to settings to ensure their SEND provision is effective. The team have a wealth of experience and are able to offer ideas and strategies to set targets and differentiate the curriculum to meet the…

Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People

The aim of the training is simply to provide a greater awareness for those supporting LGBTQ+ young people and to improve their knowledge and confidence. The learning outcomes for the session are: To understand what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, and…

Sure Start Children's Centres - East Locality

Sure Start Children's Centres across the city are for all families with children under 5. From the early days of pregnancy, through the pre-school years, and introduction to primary schools, your local Sure Start is there to help give your child the best start in…

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