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NSPCC - Online and Mobile Safety

In 2015 NSPCC launched their SHARE AWARE campaign which has encouraged thousands of conversations between parents and their children about online safety issues.  Last year we also launched a major partnership with O2, enabling us to support more parents to help build their children’s digital resilience. O2…

Relationships and Sexuality

We all have many different types of relationships with people every day and not all of these are easy. Whether you are having problems at home, school, college or work, Youth Support Workers can give you the confidential support and advice you need to deal with…

Relationships at home

Having relationships with your family can provide you with support and guidance throughout life. However sometimes in life, relationships with your family members can get difficult. This can make it awkward to talk to them about things. Remember, there are no 'perfect' families, but some…

Running away

If things have got to the point where you've had to run away from home, you can still access services from the Council or Social Services, and there are also free helplines that you can contact specifically to do with running away: 116 000 -…

SACRE Advice for schools and community groups

Southampton’s SACRE (PDF 655KB) (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education) advice has been updated - this document aims to provide advice for schools and community groups to be used alongside their own policies, and in partnership with their families and local communities.

Sexual health

Sexual health is not just about using contraception or avoiding infections. Sexual health means enjoying the sexual activity you want without causing yourself or anyone else suffering, physical or mental harm. Making positive choices about contraception and sexual health is important not just for your…

Smoking information and advice

With all the talk about the dangers of illegal drugs, it's easy to forget that you can buy one of the most widely used and highly addictive drugs at the corner shop. We all know that smoking kills, but we still do it. Why? Some…

Starting your own business

If you want to work for yourself, it is never too early to find out more about starting your own business. What can you do? Spend some time and research all the information you need about: Employing people Financing and grants Health and safety IT…

Storms Sexuality Axis

Michael Storms, a psychologist at the University of Kansas, had been studying sexuality and erotic fantasies, and his research seemed to point to some of these conceptual problems with the Kinsey Scale. He found that bisexuals engaged in as much heterosexual fantasising as heterosexuals and…

Targeted CVs

« Back to CVs index A targeted CV focuses on a clear, specific job target listing appropriate capabilities and supporting accomplishments. Each job target requires a different CV. You must be clear and specific about your job target, the particular title or occupational field you want…
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