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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this directory, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors that have occurred. It is recommended that you always check with providers that their service or organisation meets your requirements. We offer an impartial service and we cannot recommend or endorse any providers listed.

Further information

If you have a child with a special educational need or disability it is likely that you will come into contact with a range of different health and social care services and professionals.

Below we have given brief descriptions of some of the health and social care services that you may access or receive referrals to. We've also added links to other websites so that you can find out more information about how the services work and how they might be able to support you and your child/young person.

Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language therapy team supports children with speech, language and communication needs and those with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Speaking and eating uses the same muscles and speech and language therapists are specially trained to help with specific difficulties with feeding and swallowing.

Some children we see may have a medical condition or diagnosis or learning difficulty, but many do not. 

For more information please visit the Solent NHS Speech and Language web page.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy team supports children with specific difficulties which affect their ability to plan and carry out the movements required for everyday tasks. These difficulties may affect their awareness of their surroundings and self-care skills, which may impact on the child performing independently.

For further information please visit Solent NHS Occupational Therapy.


The physiotherapy team supports children with specific developmental difficulties and/or conditions which affect their physical development. These difficulties may affect their ability to move or reach their physical potential. We help develop their physical skills through play, specific exercises and activities. We also advise on how best to position and move your child to help support their progress.

For further information please visit Solent NHS Physiotherapy.

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