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Becoming an adult is a time of big change in your life. Between the ages of 14 to 25 these changes might include leaving school, going to college, moving out of the family home, getting a job or many others.

You should always be at the centre of any discussions about your future and should have enough information to understand what your options are. There are lots of people who will help you including parents, wider family, friends and school teachers.

A transition pathway and guide can be downloaded from the ‘Transition Process’ page. The pathway provides an overview of the transition process and key milestones for each age and school year. The guide has more detail around transition support planning and best practice.

If you need more individual help and advice this could be available from a social worker or other professional supporting you.

The buttons on this page will take you to information on a number of different important areas to consider when Preparing for Adulthood. These include things like:

Employment & Further Education

There are lots of different options to consider so this page includes information on careers advice, finding a job, getting support once you are in work, adult learning and starting an apprenticeship or a supported internship.

Health & Wellbeing (Post 16)

Most young people with a special educational need or disability will already have had some involvement from health services by the time they reach adulthood.

As you become an adult some of the health services you access will change. These pages explain how to access both mainstream services such as a GP (doctor) as well as more specialist services for adults.

Independent Living

Living independently doesn’t mean living on your own or without any support. Each person will need a different amount of support to maximise their independence.

For some this will mean having support throughout the day and night, whilst others might only need occasional support for a few hours per week.

This page explains the different housing and support options available as well as providing information about managing money and making decisions.

Social & Community Life

As you get older, the social activities you want to take part in might change. This page describes some of the options available for young people in the community including how to meet other people with similar interests.

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