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The Healthy High 5 Award has been launched in Southampton to make it easier for schools to provide healthy and fun activities for all pupils to improve their wellbeing.

The Healthy High 5 Award has five achievable elements (stars) designed to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all school pupils. All five stars work together to create a positive impact on all school age pupils. It is for this reason all five elements will need to be met for a school to gain the award. While a school is working to achieve these stars it will be considered to be ‘working towards’ the Healthy High 5 Award.

If you are a parent, speak to your child’s head teacher about getting your school signed up for the Healthy High Five Award.

If you are a head teacher and would like to sign up, please call 0300 123 6661 (Main School Nursing / Health Visitor Number) and ask to speak to someone about HH5, or email (subject line Healthy High 5).

Schools fully achieving all 5 stars of the Healthy High 5 Award - Summer 2019

Schools working towards Healthy High 5 Award - Summer term 2019 (achieving 3 stars or 4 stars)

Schools joining Healthy High 5 - Autumn term 2019

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