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Being a grandparent is a special role which can be very rewarding. This section of the directory aims to provide you with support and advice in your relationships as a grandparent.
Some grandparents are also carers for their grandchildren and may have parental responsibility. There are details of national and local agencies and services who can advise and support you, and of any parenting courses currently available.  Please also see the 'Family Support and Parenting' webpage if this applies to you.

Sometimes things may not be going as well as you would hope.  What should you do if you are worried about a child?  Visit the Protecting children webpage for more information. 

If you are concerned about your grandchild/ren and the involvement of Children’s Services, you should speak to the allocated social worker in the first instance. However, you should be aware that as grandparents from a legal point of view, unless you are the carers for the children and share parental responsibility, you would not have any special status or rights and would be treated as any other family member.

This would also be the case in any formal complaint you may wish to make.

The Local Authority recognises the unique position of grandparents in the lives of children, and would encourage dialogue with those with parental responsibility who if they give consent in writing, might enable more information to be shared.

You can also apply for rights to see your grandchildren under the 1989 Children's Act, providing you have leave from the courts to do so. (go to

If you require further support or advice on any aspect of being a grandparent, you should consider contacting Citizens Advice or We have received feedback from grandparents that they have also found the Child Law Advice website useful when understanding what their rights and entitlements are.

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