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Housing while studying away

Going away to college or university means you'll have to find somewhere to live whilst you're there. Your best bet is to contact Student Services or the Student Union at the college or university where you'll be studying. They will be able to tell you what accommodation is available, both in Halls of Residence and privately.

You’ll have to decide what's going to be best for you in terms of budget, independence, closeness to university, availability, sharing, suitability for studying and so on.

Universities and colleges all have their own websites which offer loads of information about student life, the area and accommodation. The local universities can be found in the links below. To search the full list of colleges and universities, go to the UCAS website.

It's a really good idea to visit the place where you are going to study if possible, and to check out exactly what's available. It may help you make your mind up whether you want to be in Halls or go into a shared house. Many students like to go into Halls for their first year for that bit of extra support and then go into shared houses after that, but that's not always possible if your university has limited Halls places. However, if you can do a visit, you may even be in exactly the right place at the right time and manage to snap up the best accommodation on the spot.

Also, check out the other accommodation links for more useful info when looking for somewhere to live while you study.

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