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Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality

In an attempt to encompass all of the above, Larry Kurdek (along with B. Berkey and T. Perelman-Hall) devised a multidimensional scale of sexuality. It was published in the "Journal of Homosexuality", Volume 19 in 1990. It acknowledges that a person's sexual orientation can change over time. The Multidimensional Scale recognises the following sexual identity options, and that a person can be a combination of more than one option:

  • Heterosexual
  • Heterosexual with some homosexuality
  • Concurrent bisexual
  • Sequential bisexual
  • Homosexual with some heterosexuality
  • Past heterosexual, currently homosexual
  • Homosexual
  • Past homosexual, currently heterosexual
  • Asexual

The Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality consists of a questionnaire with 45 questions. You can try it out for yourself with the Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality quiz!

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