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Drugs information and advice

People take drugs for all sorts of reasons, because they think drugs can make them forget their worries, because their friends do, or because they think it might be fun.

However, taking drugs can become a habit. Some people depend on them just to cope with normal life. Their drug use is likely to have a serious effect on their physical and mental health. Some drug users also resort to theft and burglary to get enough money to pay for drugs and get into trouble with the police.

You might be offered drugs by your friends, or by people you know. Often friends know less than you do about drugs, but they may want to look as if they know everything. Don't rely on what your friends say. To find out the real info about drugs you could talk to your parents, teacher, youth leader, doctor or a Youth Support worker.

Youth Advice workers at No Limits who are trained in working on drug issues can offer advice and support through the No Limits advice centre and the Health and Wellbeing drop-ins in most of the city's secondary schools and all 3 Further Education colleges in the city. Free condoms, pregnancy tests, C Cards and Chlamydia tests are available at all these venues over 65 hours a week, and they can refer to the Treatment Team for those with significant problems.

National helpline:

Useful Website

  • DASH Southampton
    DASH is a local National Health Service provider dedicated to working with young people who find themselves in difficult situations with drugs and alcohol. Whatever the reason for your circumstances, they will help you to help yourself. They work with your family and community wherever and whenever you need us most; in schools, on the streets, in the home, at community centres, and wherever young people gather.

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