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Klein Sexual Orientation Grid Quiz

If you want to explore your own sexual orientation, here is a simple research instrument that was used by Fritz Klein and others. It is a refinement of the Kinsey Scale which ranked behaviour and "psychological reactions" on a scale from 0 to 6, with 0 being exclusively heterosexual, 6 being exclusively homosexual, and 3 being equally homosexual/heterosexual.

Klein wanted to test his idea that sexual orientation was a "dynamic, multivariable process", so he developed the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid. He thought that an individual's sexual orientation was composed of sexual and non-sexual variables which differed over time.

The Quiz

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Sexual Attraction: Who turns you on? Who do you find attractive as a real or potential partner?
Sexual Behaviour: Who are your sexual contacts or partners?
Sexual Fantasies: Whom do you enjoy fantasizing about in erotic daydreams?
Emotional Preference: With whom do you prefer to establish strong emotional bonds?
Social Preference: Which sex do you prefer to spend your leisure time with, and with which sex do you feel most comfortable?
Hetero/Gay Lifestyle: What is the sexual identity of the people with whom you socialise?
Self-identification: How do you think of yourself?

Past: Your life up to 12 months ago.
Present: The most recent 12 months.
Ideal: Your prediction for the future.

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