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CV Dos and Don'ts

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  • Put the strongest statements at the top and work down the page.

  • Add a personal statement using just one or two sentences to summarise your strengths.

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Sentences should be between 15-20 words and paragraphs should be no more than 10 lines.

  • Use bullet points for clarity.

  • Detail fully your achievements wherever possible.

  • Have someone check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.


  • Use 'I' - it is implied throughout.

  • Include hobbies and social interests unless they are related to your current job target.

  • Include pictures, salary information or other personal information, for example sex, weight, height.

  • Try to be funny, or write in verse, or use coloured paper.

  • Write a CV that is longer than two sides of A4 paper.

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