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CAREline - round the clock emergency assistance

Careline - Round-the-clock emergency assistance

Information from Southampton City Council about equipment designed to give you help and support from anywhere in the home.

Our Careline service offers you help, security and peace of mind in your own home at the touch of a button. This help is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Careline consists of an alarm in your home and a pendant that can be worn around the house. This equipment connects to a local monitoring and responding team that make sure you get help when an alarm is raised.

What happens when I press the alarm?

An important part of the system is the personal mobile button that can be worn as a necklace or wrist strap. When you press the button, it automatically dials the CAREline Service via your telephone.

You will hear a Customer advisor who will ask you if there is a problem and how can they help. They will already know who you are and where you live and any important health or medical information about you. 

They will take action to help you. This may be contacting your chosen key holder, your doctor, emergency services or sending out a member of the CAREline team (a responder) as appropriate.

What if I can’t speak? Even if you are unable to speak when you press your pendant, the Customer advisor will know who you are and where you live from the information you have supplied, which is stored on the CAREline system, and will be able to send help to your home.

Who can use it?

Careline is available for people of all ages who want some reassurance that they can call for help quickly and easily in case of an emergency.

You must live in Southampton or within 20 miles of the city boundaries.

How does the service work?

The service works by connecting your equipment to a team that monitors for alerts. An alert can be raised by pressing the button on the pendant or on the home unit, and the home unit will call through to the Careline team. They will know who you are and where you live, so that they can get you help if necessary.

The Careline team will talk to you to establish whether you are okay, and if they cannot confirm that it is a test call or false alarm, they will quickly take steps to get you an appropriate response.

What services are available?

Silver service - Monitoring service and personal contacts

You will need to provide details of two personal contacts who are key holders, and are willing to respond and come to your home when required. Personal contacts must be able to access the property within a suitable time scale, and at least one of them must live at a different address to you. This service is for Southampton residents and people that live within 20 miles of Southampton.

Gold service - Monitoring and responding service

You will need a secure key safe, on the exterior of your property. The key safe is permanently installed and is fitted with a coded access system. The code will be known to the CAREline staff and this will allow our professional team of responders to quickly retrieve your door key and enter your property in an emergency. We can arrange for a key safe to be supplied and fitted. This service is only available for Southampton residents.

What does it cost?

There is a one-off equipment installation charge, and a key safe charge if you need one to be installed for you by the service. You will then pay an ongoing service charge dependent on the service option that you sign up for.

One-off charges

  • Installation charge - £10 within Southampton city boundaries, £20 up to 20 miles outside the city boundary
  • Key safe charge (if required) - £40

Ongoing service charges (per week)

  • Silver Service: Monitoring Service and Personal Contacts - £3 plus VAT
  • Gold Service: Monitoring and Responding Service - £4.25 plus VAT

You will be sent an invoice for any charges after the service is up and running, or you can choose to pay by direct debit. If you have a disability or illness you may not have to pay VAT.

Our contact details

For more information or to get connected complete our online careline information request form.

Or please contact us by telephone 023 8083 3675

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