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Child Sexual and Criminal Exploitation (Including gangs and 'County Lines')

This training is presented via Zoom, and therefore requires access to laptop, tablet or phone.

An invitation and course materials will be sent in advance of each session.

Child exploitation training now forms part of the mandatory Induction training for foster carers. If you have not attended this training as part of your induction, you should attend this stand-alone course. This course has recently been updated to include criminal exploitation, and the current difficulties posed by 'County Lines' gangs.

Child exploitation is a misunderstood and often hidden crime. Young people often trust their abuser and don't understand that they're being abused. They may depend on their abuser or be too scared to tell anyone what's happening. 

Any exploitation of children and young people under 18 involves comples exploitative situations, contexts and relationships, and these may involve extreme threats or violence.  Perpetrators of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and child criminal exploitation (CCE) can share patterns of behaviour in respect to coercion, violence, intimidation and the power imbalance inherent in them and many other offences.

Child sexual exploitation can occur through the use of technology without the child's immediate recognition; for example being persuaded to post sexual images on the Internet/mobile phones without immediate payment or gain. In all cases, those exploiting the child/young person have power over them by virtue of their age, gender, intellect, physical strength and/or economic or other resources.

Involvement in exploitative relationships are often characterised by the child or young person's limited availability of choice resulting from their social/economic and/or emotional vulnerability. 

Child sexual exploitation is a growing issue, and we all have a responsibility to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of CSE and CCE. Children within the care system are particularly vulnerable to CSE and CCE. 

Course Date

All sessions are presented via Zoom and a link will be sent out to all booked delegates.

The course is being covered in an Induction Session - Child Exploitation, date and time list below:-

3rd of July 2021 from 09:30 to 12:30

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