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Looked After Children placed in Southampton from other local authorities

This page has information about services and resources which are available to looked after children who may be placed in our city by other local authorities, including children placed for adoption.

We have included some information about Southampton, and the process for notifying us of the placement of a child and of when they subsequently move or are adopted. There is also information about accessing universal services.

Further information about services in Southampton can also be found on the Southampton City Council website.

We hope that this information is useful to professional colleagues from outside the city, who are working with Looked after Children placed in Southampton.

Information about Southampton

  • Southampton the largest city in of Hampshire on the south coast of England and is situated 75 miles south-west of London and 19 miles north-west of Portsmouth
  • Southampton is a major port and the closest city to the New Forest
  • The city represents the core of the Greater Southampton region, and has an estimated population is currently 254,275 (Mid-Year Estimate 2016)
  • Southampton covers 51.81km2
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015: Southampton is ranked 67th out of all 326 Local Authorities in England in the overall (where one equals the most deprived)
  • We are ranked 6th in the PWC Good growth for cities 2015 report
  • For more information about Southampton please see the Southampton City Council website


If you are unsure if a placement is within the boundaries of Southampton, please use the following tool for clarification – GOV.UK website

When your local authority places a looked after child in Southampton, a Notification of Placement or Change of Placement of Looked After Child form should be completed and sent to: -

Any change of address and notifications of looked after children leaving Southampton or being adopted should also be sent to this email address, so that we can update our records.  Please ensure that notifications highlight any particular risks or vulnerabilities to assist the professional network in Southampton to respond effectively to any issues that might arise.

If you need to contact Southampton Children’s Services to make a referral, please call the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 023 8083 3336 (public) or 023 8083 2300 (professional use only). For emergencies outside office hours call 023 8023 3344.

Health Services for Looked After Children in Southampton

Health services in Southampton are commissioned by NHS England, Southampton City Council Public Health Team and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group.  The services are provided by a range of NHS trusts and other providers.  The specialist looked after children health team is led by Solent NHS Trust and the Designated Doctor and Nurse take a lead for ensuring that the health needs of looked after children are a priority.

All looked after children and young people living in Southampton are entitled to universal, targeted and secondary care services.  Universal services include full registration with a GP and NHS Dentist, immunisations, neonatal screening programmes, developmental surveillance and health promotion in accordance with the Health Child programme, access to Emergency Departments, walk in Centre and Minor Injury Unit.

Information about health services in Southampton can be found on the CCG website:

If there are any queries about health services for looked after children in Southampton, please contact Southampton City CCG on: 023 8029 6904

Or write to:
Associate Director for Quality,
Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group,
Oakley Road, 
SO16 4GX

Or use secure email:

Health assessments for children placed in Southampton by other local authorities

Health assessments can be requested via the Solent Looked After Children Health Team: 

LAC Health Administrator
Looked After Children's Team
Second Floor, Adelaide Health Centre
Western Community Hospital Campus
William Macleod Way
SO16 4XE

Tel: 0300 123 6661

At times of high demand for LAC health services, Solent Team or the CCG may advise you of the local GPs who have additional skills in the assessment of the health of looked after children. These GPs will invoice the placing CCG for their services. 

Virtual School

Southampton Virtual School promotes the educational achievement of Looked After Children, by working alongside all staff in the City Council who are involved in the planning and provision of services for LAC.

The Virtual School works with a wide range of stakeholders to promote high aspirations. We help others understand the barriers facing LAC, in order that successful strategies can be put into place to overcome these.

We raise the achievement of LAC by providing support, challenge and targeted interventions. The school ensures LAC have access to a high quality education, meeting young people’s individual needs.

A register for all Southampton LAC age 0-18 years, is held for young people placed within and outside of Southampton. A list of LAC from other LA’s is obtained through Welfare Call. The Virtual School works with colleagues in other Local Authorities to support with queries relating to young people placed in Southampton.

The Virtual School works in partnership with the admissions team, to ensure all school changes involving LAC come to the Virtual School.

For additional information contact the Virtual School by email:

Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Children

Southampton City Council has a Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Strategic and Operation Group as a sub group of the LSCB. The operation group is attended by practice managers from Police, Southampton Children and Families Services, Health, Probation, Youth Offending Service and Voluntary Sector organisations, and meets to share information on children and young people who have been notified as Missing, Exploited or Trafficked and may be considered vulnerable. The group shares intelligence, analyses data and monitors risk for children living in Southampton and placed out of area.

With an effective MASH it has been possible to identify targeted groups of children who require particular resources/interventions to achieve a good outcome. Having a dedicated CSE social worker in Children and Families Services has been highly regarded by partner agencies and celebrated due to the effectiveness and commitment the role has brought to case work and investigations. This role is being developed within a dedicated CSE Hub to strengthen the city’s response to CSE with a focus on Early Intervention and Prevention while offering co-working opportunities and taking the lead child protection investigation responsibilities in more complex cases. Within the CSE Hub, the Advanced Practitioner is co-located with the Police Missing co-ordinator, Barnardo's' lead for Missing Exploited and Trafficked children and a dedicated Family Engagement Worker, with data support provided by LSCB multi-agency data analyst to support in the identification of trends and vulnerable cohorts.

All missing notifications are submitted to the CRU by the police missing person co-ordinator alongside information gained from a safe and well visit. MASH receive notifications form the missing person

co-ordinator when a young person has been missing on 3 occasions within 90 days  Barnardo's undertake return interviews within 5 days and this information is provided to MASH, alongside the information gained from a safe and well visit, and forwarded to the allocated social worker.

If your local authority has concerns any child placed is at risk from being missing, vulnerable or exploited please provide information so that it can be shared with the MET group and used to up-date planning. A MET strategy has been developed by Southampton LSCB.

Other useful information

Listed below are links to information you may find useful about other services for children:

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