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Business Planning - The new services; Premises; People and resources

The New Services 
Give a summary here of the new services you want to develop. You've already set out the need for the services and said how you will promote and market them, so by now your reader should be eager to find out more.

Be enthusiastic and clear, but above all be realistic and never promise things you can't deliver. If there's something you would like to offer – on site toy library, say – but you can't offer yet, say exactly that. If you stretch the credibility of your project, your readers' faith in you will rapidly disappear. Even if this plan is for your own use and you have lots of ideas for the future, be clear and honest about what you can deliver and when.

You will need to include something in your plan about the premises you intend to use. If these are existing premises, then say how they will be suitable for the new services, or how you intend to improve them so that they become suitable.

If you plan to use new premises at a new site, give their location and other details such as size, layout and availability. Again, say how they are or will be suitable for the services you are proposing. If you have lots of information to present here, it might be best not to overwhelm the reader, but instead to include the information in an appendix.

People and Resources 
The success of a business is almost always down to the people who work with and for it, whether paid staff or volunteers. Most funders, for instance, want to know the strength and experience of the team involved before they will lend any money. You can have the best ideas and research in the world, but without the right people to turn your ideas into reality, you will have nothing.

Give a brief summary here of the people who are or will be involved. For example, you might already have a strong team, but lack someone experienced in managing the refurbishment of your new premises. In this case, say how you will overcome this weakness. If you refer to an outside company, don’t just give their name, but explain that you've seen their work on similar projects and are happy with it, and that their costs are reasonable.
If you are applying for a grant, however, you might have to go through a competitive tendering process to find the best builder and architect. If so, you should still refer to companies you are familiar with, as examples of the type of organisations available to help you.

Don't include CVs or mini-biographies here, as it will distract your reader. Instead include such information under an appendix, and refer the reader to it.

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