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Further information

KIDS eLearning

In April 2013, KIDS launched a new eLearning package for parents and carers, aimed at explaining the key points about personalisation, personal budgets and how they may impact on their family life.

KIDS is the charity that works with disabled children, young people and their families. As part of the 'Making it Personal' project, sponsored by the Department for Education, KIDS has created an eLearning suite aimed at parents and carers of disabled children and young people.

Anyone wishing to access the free eLearning can do so by creating an account on the KIDS Learning Zone.

KIDS worked together with OPM, Disability Rights UK, In Control, NAFIS and the Daycare Trust under the ‘Making it Personal’ project to develop a suite of resources, including guidance for commissioners and others in children’s services on how to commission for personalisation, along with a handbook for parents and carers of disabled children on what personal budgets are and how they can be used.

This work was developed in response to the Department for Education’s Green Paper Support and Aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability (DfE 2011).

The 'Making it Personal:2' project supports those affected by the SEND reforms brought into force in September 2014 to gain a greater understanding of the changes and the impact these changes will have on the lives of families of disabled children and young disabled people. 

KIDS works across all of England. The charity has also pioneered a range of approaches for working with disabled children including Portage (home learning) and England's first inclusive adventure playground.

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