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Relationships at home

Having relationships with your family can provide you with support and guidance throughout life.

However sometimes in life, relationships with your family members can get difficult. This can make it awkward to talk to them about things.

Remember, there are no 'perfect' families, but some seem to get along better while others experience constant conflict or stress. Here are some tips to help you get along better at home:

  • Talk things through. Your family members can't read your mind, no matter how well they know you. Tell them if what they do upsets you or if you don't like the way you are treated.

  • Keep your parents informed. Most parents nag you because they don't know what you're up to and are worried.

  • Respect each other. You may not agree with your parents' rules and beliefs, just as they may not like all of yours. Try to remain calmĀ and collected instead of lashing out, and they will be more likely to respect what you have to say.

  • Respect each other's privacy. Let them know you're not hiding anything, you just need a bit of time and space to yourself sometimes.

  • Family members bear the brunt of it when you are in a bad mood. Try hard not to always take it out on them and remember to do something nice for them regularly to show that you care.

  • If you're feeling stressed or angry, try doing an activity that you enjoy, maybe a sport, or practice relaxation techniques in a quiet place. Your problems probably won't go away but it'll give you a chance to distance yourself from family members.

If you are a young carer, sometimes you may need some extra support. Contact your local Young Carers Project for details on how they can make life easier for you or visit Young Carers to talk to other young carers.

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